[video] COLOSSO – circles of defeat

Portuguese modern death metallers COLOSSO have just released a video for one of the tracks featured on the two song EP entitled “Foregone Semblances”! The EP is available in both formats, vinyl and digital, through this website: http://music.colossometal.com

“Foregone Semblances” is limited to 100 vinyl hand numbered copies (50 in white, 50 in trans-red) and contains their latest songs ‘Circles of Defeat’ and ‘Four Edges Of Deceit’

Check out the video for ‘Circles of Defeat’:


DRÅP signs with Xtreem Music

Swedish crust death grinders DRÅP, a band that blends elements of crust, death, grind and even black metal, have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the CD release of their debut album “En Naturlig Död” (A Natural Death) that was self-released earlier this year on vinyl format. Release date for the CD version is planned for next 8th of December!

DRÅP signs with Xtreem Music

[video] IRON REAGAN – I won’t go

Here’s another cool video delivered by the IRON REAGAN crew, another song taken straight from the latest “The Tyranny of Will”! Check it out below:

DEVIL’S PUNCH: new EP ready to go

DEVIL’S PUNCH is a young band emerging from São Paulo (Brazil) and they’ve just recorded all the tracks for their debut EP! The four songs were recorded at Studio SIOD, with Umberto Buldrini and Fabiano Gill handling production duties.

The band had this to say about the upcoming release:

Working with Umberto and Fabiano was great! Those guys really know how to keep you relaxed enough to record and that had a major influence in the final result. Now, we must wait to listen.” (Henrique Lex / guitar)

We are so pleased with the results we got during the whole recording process! We were able to work peacefully while putting everything in its place. Now, we must control our anxiety until the whole mixing and mastering process gets done” (Jony Roque / vocals)

DEVIL’S PUNCH new EP ready to go

[video] MORFOLK – shadows of fear

Brazilian band MORFOLK just released a new video, the first one in their 20 year plus career! They’ve decided to cut a video for the song ‘Shadows of Fear’, taken from their latest album, “_Until Death”, out on Violent Records!

 MORFOLK – shadows of fear

GOIÁS EXTREMO: new compilation available as free download

There’s a new compilation available online, “Goiás Extreme”, filled with brazilian bands from many different styles, all coming from the Goiás region (hence the name) and featuring names like Revolted, Heaven’s Guardian, Ressonância Mórfica, Suttura, Feather of Icarus and many others!

Follow the following link to get your hands and ears on this compilation: www.goiasextremo.blogspot.com.br

GOIÁS EXTREMO new compilation available as free download

KARKAOS offering the song ‘Leap of Faith’ as a free download

Extreme melodic metal band KARKAOS are offering fans a free download of their re-recorded track ‘Leap of Faith’ with new vocalist Viki Boyer, who joined the band after they parted ways with former vocalist Veronica O. Rodriguez!

Download ‘Leap of Faith’ at the following link: http://karkaos.bandcamp.com/track/leap-of-faith-viky-vocals 

KARKAOS offering the song 'Leap of Faith' as a free download