[review] WARSTORM – Goatspel (2014)

# WARSTORM - Goatspel (2014)

(Earthquake Terror Noise / 2014)

WARSTORM is a young Italian band filled with boiling young blood, ready and willing to make a name for themselves in the ever competitive world of thrash metal! For what I’ve been told, these Busto Arsizio natives were set on taking the Lamb of God and Pantera road to metal immortality but, judging by what we’ve got on the six tracks gathered on “Goatspel”, I’m glad that plan didn’t came out of the drawing desk! Let’s be blunt about it, bands like those two are a dime a dozen and most of the time they’re not that great. Also, I never was that keen on Pantera! Sue me.

WARTORN sound more like they’ve been on a Bay Area thrash binge and there was no way around it when it came down to write a few songs! This isn’t to say they’ve somewhat mastered the whole scene emulation, but they sure have a certain spirit embedded in these tracks! There are a couple of missteps along the way, one of them being, in my opinion, the lengthy title track closing the record. This view could be influenced by not being sure if we’re dealing with some kind of conceptual opus and this song is supposed to be the narrative’s conclusion or not, but I think we could be without the 10 minute long thrash songs, especially if you can sum up the best parts in less than half that time, but I’m no composition expert and this is just my opinion! There’s also a moment in ‘Checkmate for Mankind’ where we jump from a high energy bit to what seems, at first, to be a minstrel playing harp, which eventually develops into a guitar solo! Unfortunately, not a good one! Sorry.

But, apart from those two little bumps, one can look at “Goatspel” as a positive effort from these youngsters. Bear in mind that we’re talking about the debut album from a band who took its first steps in 2011, so it’s only natural to believe that time will help to tighten their whole sound together and provide a more solid and fierce delivery, because we can see it there, waiting to grow and expand! Treat yourself with a few minutes of ‘Cursed’ or ‘Relentless Possession’ and you’ll see what I mean.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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