[review] THYRUZ – Svik (2014)

# THYRUZ - svik [2014]

(independent / 2014)

This album has been on my current playlist for a while and every time it gets played it thrills me with almost the same sense of wonder that got me the first time! THYRUZ have been around since 1999, but I haven’t got a hold of any of their previous releases, five demos (!) and two full length albums that came out in a ten year period, previous to this latest record! They come from Eidsvoll, Norway, and play black metal, like you could almost guess coming from that particular part of Europe! So what can make “Svik” an album to get back more than the usual recommended amount of times? Great songwriting skills and an all-around frightening ambience!

I think that was one of the main things that made me really grab my ears to these six songs, the sense of danger and the way you can almost touch the darkness embedded into the words and music of ‘Dødsriket’ or ‘All Flesh’! You can also feel the cold breath of the underworld and the pain it reserves for those who dwell oblivious into THYRUZ universe of shadows and mist! The closing mantra, ‘Darkness Illuminates All’, is as evil in musical form as one of the previous declarations in ‘The Final Holocaust’; it scatters fear into words and sounds!

Finding a good balance between the grimness and the overall composition has always been kind of a quest to me, when it comes to black metal and even in other similar genres. Trying to find the riffs, the tempos and transitions that go along with the images painted in your mind with lyrics spewed with what sometimes feel like the true voices from Hell, is not as easy as you might think when looking at the immense sea of metal of the darkest kind being produced all over the world! In my book, THYRUZ have really hit the nail with “Svik”!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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