[review] REVONTULET – Hear Me (2014)

# REVONTULET - hear me [2014]

Hear Me
(Arcus Records / 2014)

The symphonic metal scene is a very tricky neighborhood to be showing your colors around and try to leave a mark. You have to be very proficient and master a whole range of topics in composition, engaging tempos and melodies, not to mention a great deal of technique in your instrument of choice or voice, if that be the case! Failing in any of these items (small examples among others) will risk your position in the grandiose and epic battlefield where classical music encounters the realm of metal!

I’m not educated enough in this genre to account for the greatness or lack of its presence in such pieces of work as “Hear Me”, the debut album from the Russian project REVONTULET, born from the heart and mind of Alexandra Revontulet, the voice we can hear through-out the eight songs, she is also responsible for all the writing, composition and orchestration! The other permanent member of this symphonic vessel is Segey Zorg (drums), who has been on board since the beginning of this adventure! Every other instrument is handled by session musicians.

REVONTULET presents their music in a mild manner form, almost never getting over the top with the theatrics so common with other bands who wear the same tones on their robes. Alexandra’s voice is very soft and secure and she never undergoes in any of those diva rants, trying to show off her vocal skills while adding nothing to the song itself. By the contrary, it seems that the focus here is on the songs rather than the lengthy display of skill. The impression we get when getting to the last song, the title track, is that we’ve been treated to a fairytale, narrated by a beautiful singing voice.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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