[review] INDIAN – From All Purity (2014)

# INDIAN - from all purity [2014]

From All Purity
(Relapse Records / 2014)

When thinking about purity, one can easily find himself dwelling among images of crystalline nature or thought but, as soon as the play button gets pressed on INDIAN’s “From All Purity”, all those sheltering havens are quickly shattered to pieces and we get engulfed by pure vileness as we get metaphorically violated by the eight angry minutes of ‘Rape’, the opening track! How can we cope from being ripped from the safe walls around and thrown into such a darkened embrace?

Things don’t get much easier when ‘The Impetus Bleeds’ starts to settle in and we realize this is how the Chicago band faces the world we live in, with anger and the aggressive, dirt and coal fueled power of their music. They warned us. They said that it would be the opposite of easy listening. They were not kidding. Even if it doesn’t hurt when you listen to it, you can easily feel that pain has been involved in creating these heavy and slow paced mammoth punches that keep pushing you against the ground.

There’s no real escape from the claustrophobic screams you get from each step through ‘Directional’ or ‘Rhetoric of No’! There is no way to relieve the discomfort and yet, without knowing why, you feel compelled to keep your eyes and ears open, trying to dissociate the suggested images of painful realities from the nightmares painted in your brain. The wall of noise in ‘Clarify’ does not eases the process. Within chaos there is sarcasm. Within doom, sludge and noise, there is INDIAN.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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