[review] INCUBUS – Incubus (reissue 2014)

# INCUBUS - incubus [2014 reissue 1987]

Incubus [reissue]
(Vic Records / 2014)

I was about ten years old when the original INCUBUS demo came out and by this time I had my hands firmly gripped around Iron Maiden’s first LP which I convinced my parents to buy me. At this point, I hadn’t discovered the underground metal bands yet and was pleasuring myself with the likes of Maiden, Black Sabbath, Running Wild and Zodiac Mindwarp, the first names that came into my radar at that very young age. So it goes without saying that this demo went way over my head and beyond at that time.

Some years later and there was another INCUBUS around the tape-trading circle I was getting my metal from, the ones from Louisiana who released “Beyond the Unkown” in 1990! So, again, I never did get to know about this band and this particular demo, until it crashed in my inbox, in this reissue released from Vic Records! After the much needed research I came to find it was the only thing they released in their short lived three year career and I also find out it featured Sterling Von Scarborough (who had a brief stint with the Morbid Angel crew – thank you Internet)!

I don’t think I’ll go the same distance as the press-sheet and refer to it as ‘THE best cult metal demo of all time’, mostly because I’m not into cults, but I can see where this can be an important piece in metal history! It was recorded in 1987 with Jim Morris, before that entire Morrisound Studios boom and features a primitive kind of satanic blackened death metal, not unlike many other bands would later sound! It’s a piece for the history buffs.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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