[review] ATAVISMA – Where Wolves Once Dwelled (demo 2014)

# ATAVISMA - where wolves once dwelled (2014)

Where Wolves Once Dwelled (demo)
(independent / 2014)

ATAVISMA is a French band, formed in Paris somewhere in 2013, and “Where Wolves Once Dwelled” is their first release! They play death metal with an enormous doom influence (or is it the other way around?), changing tempos from the traditional and old-school run or they will get you, to the slow and miserable I can’t be bothered with anything in my life kind of pace! The overall sound is muddy and you can almost see the fumes coming out of the ground which, combined with the vocal tone, gives you the awkward feeling that something primordial and eerie is bound to happen at any time.

All four tracks share this sinister presence and, when their structure lines up with the grime, the whole demo seems to have been transported from past decades to present time. There’s nothing much here that can be associated with the modern death metal paladins and even the doom sections are closer to the genre’s past than to way it’s getting portrait nowadays. It all feels very traditional with an almost raw simplicity, like an opened window which allows you to have a look at something familiar you haven’t seen in a long time. Whether you’ll be happy to see it or not, that’s a whole different story.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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