[review] ABADDON INCARNATE – Pessimist (2014)

# ABADDON INCARNATE - pessimist (2014)

(Candlelight Records / 2014)

You can’t beat a band that goes into studio and cuts an album in just 3 days!! Three whole days to set up gear, soundcheck, press the buttons and grab thirteen slabs of grindcore, death metal and crust influenced one take songs! That was the way Ireland’s own ABADDON INCARNATE decided they’d record their fifth full-length album, the more recent delivery of their two decade spanning career! They just don’t make bands like this anymore!

There’s no way you can go wrong with this formula, capturing the energy they have when they play together and trying to make the best record possible! The fact that these songs can bash some skulls on their way out the speakers helps to the mix and I’m sure these Dublin boys are proud of what they’ve accomplished in those few days they were at the studio! Tracks like ‘Yester Hare’, ‘Warping the Necrospawn’, ‘Fear’ or ‘Impaled upon Your Zodiac’ showcase the band at its finest and heaviest deliver, mixing those grinding guidelines with limb sawing guitar tones and bouldering drums on the side! This is some furious stuff!

Twenty years can do a lot to a band. There many who don’t even come close to those kinds of numbers playing together and releasing record after record! ABADDON INCARNATE may have started more on the black/death metal side of things, but they managed to establish themselves as a force to be acknowledged and respected in the playground of today’s extreme metal underground world.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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