[review] ATHENA’S WAKE – Contemplation EP (2014)

# ATHENA'S WAKE - contemplation EP (2014)

Contemplation EP
(Twin Peaks Records – 2014)

With just a previous EP and a demo as their business cards, this band from the land down under released “Contemplation” last June, through Twin Peak Records, an effort containing three songs of technical death metal power mixed with a black metal melodic attitude and an instrumental interlude to let everything breathe, rest and take place, between the musical beating given within this twenty minute EP.

The blackened death metal we have here is not quite the more well-known examples of Behemoth and bands of the same staple, although there can be one or two examples of riffage and rhythm use but even those go well under the radar. What we have here is something more modern and less theatrical, meaning that there is less depth and grandiosity and a more to the point and immediate way of presenting and playing everything. I’m forced to use some of their promo words and agree to the fact that they’re modern and core enough to please some of the youngster generations and, at the same time, they can also be very extreme, melodic and dark, just right up the alley of most headbanger masses around.

‘Diagnosis’, the opening track and the closing title, ‘Remission’, are the songs that stand up the most, because their melodic lines are so well connected with the death metal pounding you get once they go full throttle on you. I’m not sure if the old school black metal trve kvltists will appreciate the fact that ATHENA’S WAKE mention the genre as part of their music, but I can easily see where it fits in the general picture.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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