[review] ARISING FEAR – Beyond Betrayal (2014)

# ARISING FEAR - beyond betrayal (2014)

Beyond Betrayal
(independent – 2014)

Germany is the home for many of this house favorites, names that have crossed time and space to lay their riffs on my stereo, deliver their shows at the fests I attend and present their general attitude as an influence when I was a young gun deciding what to do with my life and how to be a part of this crazy fucked up world! The German thrash metal legacy is well carved in these walls and the time to taste a new flavor has arrived in the form of ARISING FEAR, a band of young energetic Bavarians who released their debut album, “Beyond Betrayal”, last March!

I confess I was a bit startled when I read ‘metalcore’ as one of their chosen influences, even if I always try my best not to be prejudice about the music that is presented to me. The thing I always fear from those influences is boredom. The formula is so saturated and dull that there is close to nothing new or slightly interesting to discover in such bands. I’m glad ARISING FEAR didn’t go down that road and took their music in different directions with this album. Expect a good amount of groove as well as very melodic choruses and even some slower parts that sit well with the overall energy around.

“Beyond Betrayal” sponsors a band playing their way through the modern thrash metal jungle and visiting a few different tribes and beasts of the no-so-long past along the way. There is something of a Machine Head meets Pantera thing going on most of the ten songs and Alexander Rauh (vocals/guitar) can sometimes even make you turn your head thinking ‘was that a James Hetfield template, I heard just now?’. The mystery remains on whether this is the result of engraved years of listening to the bands they grow up liking or an attempt to mimic a formula that has worked before. I always wish to put my chips on option A!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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