[video] MYRKUR – nattens barn

‘Nattens Barn’ comes from one-woman black metal project MYRKUR‘s debut EP, which is out now on Relapse Records.

This is what Myrkur herself had to say about the video for ‘Nattens Barn’:

This film was shot by two Danish brothers up in Nordsjælland where I grew up. My house is by the forest called Troldeskoven which is a quite rare type of forest that stems back from 1500. It means troll forest, it is named this because of the twisted and gnarled and strange branches that are shaped like trolls. Some of these trees have developed grotesque forms. Legend has it that this forest in ancient times was inhabited by trolls. The forest holds many ancient monuments and there are 70 burial mounds from the Bronze Age. It’s also different from other forests because it grows in a sandy ground. Right next to it is the beach, the northern coast of Sjælland, Denmark which we also shot on for the video. I feel very connected to this witchy, Elver forest and you will feel the trolls in the trees when you go there.


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