[review] WILD MOTH – Over, Again (2013)

# WILD MOTH - over, again (2013)

Over, Again
(Asian Man Records – 2013)

Coming out of San Francisco, this four-piece band has been leaving its mark in the post-punk music scene, with a couple of releases under their belt, making “Over, Again” their first full-length, released by our friends at Asian Man Records.

This is an eleven track effort that places WILD MOTH in the musical cauldron together with some of their peers who keep on drinking in the 90’s indie influences and mixing them up with the post-punk roots from the very beginning. The modern touch they offer their songs are filled with melody as well as energy, even if the vocal delivery seems melancholic almost every time, but that’s just a staple of the genre and you should expect this kind of vocal lines. Musically, everything sounds pretty tight and with a nice balance between every individual performance each time any one of the members is called to the spotlight.

These songs don’t always keep themselves on the same side of the greyish melodies and melancholic murmurs and often step up the pace for a nice energetic indie/punk presence, with lots of fuzzy guitars, fat bass presence and angrier voices! They have some kind of comfortable aura around them and you can’t help but feel that you’ve been to this neighborhood before and nothing wrong is going on.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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