[review] VIOLATION WOUND – Violation Wound (2014)

# VIOLATION WOUND - violation wound [2014]

Violation Wound
(Vic Records – 2014)

This came out labeled as the perfect mixture between Autopsy and The Ramones and I’m tempted to sign in on that note! This band appeared into the scene as a creation from the busy mind of Chris Reifert and this self-titled album also features guest performances from Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler (both of them play guitar with Autopsy)!

“Violation Wound” shows off perfectly the admiration that the early punk/hardcore sounding stuff has on so many people. As Tommy Ramone said one day, “you strip everything that’s unnecessary and keep only the essentials”, this meaning that you keep on writing good music with the main ingredients, raw energy, speed, fun and a whole bunch on angry messages to the world outside! There’s nothing too fancy or studio-polished in these 18 songs! There’s just the right amount of hard hitting punk bursts done with an honest predisposition of having a blast making music you would listen with your friends, if you’d go for a drive or a mutiny!

Autopsy meets The Ramones, having a few beers and cranking up some Poison Idea like tunes on the jam room, keeping everything rough and down-to-earth, having fun and spitting energy and gallons of sweat. That’s how I imagine their business card should read.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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