[review] DYSANGELIUM – Leviaxxis (demo 2014)

# DYSANGELIUM - Leviaxxis (2014)

(World Terror Committee – demo 2014)

The second officially released demo from this German black metal band contains three songs, portraying this band as a group following their own path in the darker realms of satanic and occult music, without placing them as another anonymous copycat of glories achieved by others. This demo is also supposed to serve as an appetizer for their full-length album, to be released somewhere in the future, also on World Terror Committee.

One of the positive things that really stand out in DYSANGELIUM has to be the way vocals are arranged and produced, escaping the common places ever present in the genre and opting for a more theatrical delivery, one that may be traced to the very beginnings of the more extreme metal bands to emerge at a time where there weren’t any growls or high pitched screeching vocals. Lyrics were screamed and screams were improvised to best serve the songs narrative or energy. I believe that is the case in this demo.

The three songs recorded stay close to home, if the lair you live in has some proximity with the balance between old-school black metal and the modern ability to make it sound fresh or, if you prefer, less boring and metal by numbers. It’s fast when it needs to be, at times slow and melancholic to even the score and with some good mid-tempo riffs in between. If this is near what the album will sound like, it should be a pretty good one indeed.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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