[video] MONOLYTH – rupture

Portuguese death/groove metal act MONOLYTH released their video for the song «Rupture»! This song comes out from “Origin”, the first record from the band based in Aveiro, which will be released in October:

DREAM CIRCUS: new album coming in 2015

DREAM CIRCUS has announced they will start recording their sophomore, and yet to be titled album, in January! The follow-up to 2012’s “Land Of Make Believe” will be once again recorded by producer Pedro Mendes at Ultrasound Studios [W.A.K.O., Heavenwood, Angelus Apatrida, Switchtense] and is tentatively due next Spring.

dream circus

[video] ENGRAVED DISILLUSION – embrace the flames

Filmed on a runway at the former Royal Air Force station, RAF Culmhead, in Somerset England, ‘Embrace The Flames’ is not just the first taste of ENGRAVED DISILLUSION’s new album but also the first featuring new vocalist Matthew William Mead. The video was filmed and directed by Marianne Harris who has previously worked with bands including Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine and The Darkness:

PUBLICIST UK signed to Relapse Records

PUBLICIST UK is a recently formed band, featuring members of Revocation, Discordance Axis, Goes Cube and Freshkills! They’ve already released a two song demo, currently streaming on Soundcloud, and have now been signed to Relapse Records!

The band’s sound is a vast departure from their other projects, instead exploring the intricacies and atmosphere of dark post-punk, new wave, and post-metal. Think Joy Division, the Cure, and Neurosis! They will begin recording their debut full-length at the end of October at Wild Arctic Studios in Dover, New Hampshire with Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, The Hold Steady).  Mastering will be handled by Dave Gardner, the former in-house engineer for Amphetamine Reptile. A mid 2015 release is expected.

publicist uk

[review] MARGINAL – The Venom (2014)

# MARGINAL - the venom (2014)

The Venom
(Death Wake Records – 2014)

What can you expect from a band who thrives on such wonderful genres as punk, crust, grind and everything under the metal sun of these days? Well, you get a band like MARGINAL waving their own flag of All School, gathering under one banner all those precious things we all love from bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum or Discharge, just to name a few! This Belgium band doesn’t really cares about labels or comparisons and they just play what they feel like playing, as long as it sounds good. And sounding good they did with their debut “The Venom”.

With thirteen tracks of furious punk/crust sweetness with a few stabs on the more grind side of things here and there, this is the first album from the Antwerp based band, formed by current and past members of acts like Aguardente, Jesus Martyr, Mantiis, Helldozer and too many others to mention. The songs don’t extend their welcome as the whole album clocks under the twenty minute mark, so be prepared for a fast delivery and an angry presentation, even if sometimes they mess with you and go on a more death metal path with more groove than speed (‘Fuck This Shit’)! There’s nothing too technical here, which is what you want to find with a band like MARGINAL, you want the energy and the aggression. You want to feel the punches without getting hurt. You want songs like ‘Work Die’, ‘Modern Terrorist Hobby Set’ or the personal favorite ‘6000 Feet Under’!

Their new album is set for a January 2015 release, so make sure you warm up your engines for the new stuff with the songs from “The Venom”! I’ve already heard some of the new tracks and all I can say is that they’re going for the throat with the next one! Check them out!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[review] VILE REGRESSION – Empires (2014)

# VILE REGRESSION - empires (2014)

(independent – 2014)

The stereo is blasting VILE REGRESSION’s latest EP and I’ll be honest, I’m surprised with how good “Empires” is sounding right now! I’ve been reading all this info and press-releases about this band and a startling image started to form in the back of my head, one that painted their music as some kind of death metal with a very technical oriented vision on how their songs would sound like! That’s the kind of music that really has to be on another different level of creativity to even start to get my attention. My mind starts to get distracted when the money is all in on the technique and not enough on the things that make me go ‘Fuck Yeah’!!

Although these Irish modern death metallers didn’t had me banging my head from start to finish with this one, there were a few moments I found myself kicking the shit out of the rug below my feet, trying to synchronize my aggressive rug treatment with songs like ‘Raze the Complexity’ and its good balance between catchy riffs and high level musicality! There are two interludes placed between the EP’s five actual songs, but they do close to nothing to me, maybe serving as small breathers and, if that was the initial intention, I’ll leave them be.

‘Thought Replication’ was another song with some good moments, but the tempo experimenting here starts to get a little off-putting sometimes, although not as much as ‘The Abstract’ and the closing song, ‘The Empyrean Divide’, where your resistance to the intricate corners of VILE REGRESSION are really put to the test! I’m not saying that these two don’t sound good, but all the complex arrangements and the changing patterns didn’t keep my ears glued to the speakers as much as the previous mentioned songs. Nevertheless, you should try it and see if it fits your educated taste.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[review] DYSANGELIUM – Leviaxxis (demo 2014)

# DYSANGELIUM - Leviaxxis (2014)

(World Terror Committee – demo 2014)

The second officially released demo from this German black metal band contains three songs, portraying this band as a group following their own path in the darker realms of satanic and occult music, without placing them as another anonymous copycat of glories achieved by others. This demo is also supposed to serve as an appetizer for their full-length album, to be released somewhere in the future, also on World Terror Committee.

One of the positive things that really stand out in DYSANGELIUM has to be the way vocals are arranged and produced, escaping the common places ever present in the genre and opting for a more theatrical delivery, one that may be traced to the very beginnings of the more extreme metal bands to emerge at a time where there weren’t any growls or high pitched screeching vocals. Lyrics were screamed and screams were improvised to best serve the songs narrative or energy. I believe that is the case in this demo.

The three songs recorded stay close to home, if the lair you live in has some proximity with the balance between old-school black metal and the modern ability to make it sound fresh or, if you prefer, less boring and metal by numbers. It’s fast when it needs to be, at times slow and melancholic to even the score and with some good mid-tempo riffs in between. If this is near what the album will sound like, it should be a pretty good one indeed.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]