[video] BOOBY TRAP – calem-se já

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After being away from the active scene for so many years, Portuguese crossover/thrash band BOOBY TRAP came back in 2012 and self-released the album “Survival” in 2013! They shot a video for the song ‘Calem-se Já!’ and you can check it below:

OBITUARY: listen to a few samples of new album “Inked in Blood”

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Death metal legends OBITUARY will release their Relapse Records debut, “Inked In Blood”, October 28th in North America, October 27th in the UK, Europe and rest of the world and on October 24th in Germany, Benelux and Finland!

This is going to be their 9th full length LP and you can listen to a small preview in the player below, with snippets of the songs ‘Visions in My Head’, ‘Violence’ and ‘Inked in Blood’:

# OBITUARY listen to a few samples of new album “Inked in Blood”

SUBSERVIENCE reveal new record details

# SUBSERVIENCE reveal new record details

Sussex quintet, SUBSERVIENCE, have been gathering a great reputation across their native UK with their corrosive blend of groove laden extreme metal, since forming in 2010! Having already released the demo “Blueprint To Chaos” in 2010, a split with SA-DA-KO in 2011 and two EP’s, “Dystopia” and “Ripped In Half” in 2012 and 2013 respectively; SUNSERVIENCE are ready to unleash yet another record!

“Upheaval”, recorded at Brighton Electric, is the title of the band’s forthcoming EP and is set for release on 17th October 2014!

Ryan Jardine (guitar) had these words to share about the new record:

“Previously our lyrics had been firmly based on reality but now, with our new vocalist [Dan Lofthouse], we have taken inspiration from works of fiction and combined this with real life experiences. Musically, we really wanted to expand on everything we’ve done before, to push ourselves further and add more technicality, yet making sure we didn’t lose the all-important groove people know us for. Everyone in the band has been fully involved with the new material. We all have a vast range of influences and it’s just been about bringing this all together.”

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[video] COLDWAR – 13th moon

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Irish hardcore death metal punks COLDWAR unleash the first music video, ‘13th Moon’, taken from their fifth album “Pantheist” which was released earlier this year via Candlelight Records! Vocalist Trevor McLave offers insight into the story behind ‘13th Moon’:

“For over Two Millennia Anno Domini, we have endured forceful suppression of our existential autonomy and witnessed the obstruction of algebraic rhythmic union between humankind and the cosmos. The Gregorian calendar is the ephemeris with which bodies of governance such as church state and financial institutions dictate terms of punctual orientation and strive to regulate the application of intellectuality. ’13th Moon’, the 4th track from the current Coldwar release ‘Pantheist’, is a celebratory rejection of the Christian calendar. The lyrics are suggestive of a druidic renaissance with emphasis on a timekeeping system in which I3, 28 day lunar cycles align the span of time that mother earth orbits the sun, minus 1 day. A day of celestial harmony, and cosmic observance…”

PIG DESTROYER announce “Mass & Volume” EP release

Grindcore Masters PIG DESTROYER are set to release a two song doom EP entitled “Mass & Volume” this fall. Previously available for a limited time as a digital only release with all of the proceeds going to the family of former Relapse Records employee Pat Egan, who tragically passed away last year, this release will now be available on physical formats for the first time ever.

You can listen to samples from the album below:

# Pig Destroyer  announce “Mass & Volume” EP release

TNT: new live DVD and album via Indie Recordings

Legendary Norwegian/American HardRock band TNT will release their 30th Anniversary Live Concert as a live album and DVD in September, via Indie Recordings! This show was held back in 2012 and had the guest presence of such names as Hank Von Helvete, Dee Snider, Dag Ingebrigtsen and Tony Mills! The band was backed by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

# TNT new live DVD and album out via Indie Recordings

[video] PSYCHOTIC GARDENING – searing cital

Get ready for the skulls and doom edition! PSYCHOTIC GARDENING released a video for their track, ‘Searing Cital’, and you can watch it below!

About this new haunting video, guitarist Andrew Wiens shared these words:

“This video came together spontaneously – we came across this really creepy scene on our way out to Farmageddon in Alberta earlier this year. There were these dead trees decorated with skulls, it was a just this strange place in a farmer’s field. It was seemingly there to worship death. I had to get out with my camera to shoot as much of it as possible. We felt like we were pushing to get anything at all and that a crazy murderous freak would come out at any moment to add our own skulls to the trees. We ended up shooting a storyline that tells the story of what we saw there and what it could mean. And of course we did it to the doom-iest of all the songs on the new album!”