[review] UBUREN – Withered Roots (2014)

# UBUREN - withered roots (2014)

Withered Roots
(independent – 2014)

The meaning of the name UBUREN has a very unsettling source, according to some records it means something like being cast out. In the Norse mythology context, when desperate mothers who didn’t see any other way out for their weak and unwanted babies, they would throw them off the edge of the mountain. Holy shit! Not a good way to start a childhood memory, but a good enough setup for this trio coming from the city Sandnes (Norway).

This is their debut album, after a first EP released a couple of years ago, which you can find almost in its entirety within these tracks because all but one song from that EP made their way into this new recording. So, in that sense, “Whitered Roots” revisits their first steps while introducing new music to the picture. The music itself is more or less a hybrid between black metal and something that is commonly known as Viking metal, both parts with equal importance in UBUREN’s identity but the ancestral influence is way more present, given the fact that the lyrical content is focused on Norse history and mythology, as far as I can tell.

Sometimes ritual sounding, while others bringing a more martial atmosphere upfront, these songs also hide a small amount of sadness turned into rage with some melodic underlining to shield the entire thing together. Glorifying their ancestral past with songs of praise and tale and melting the harsh delivery of black and pagan metal, UBUREN’s “Withered Roots” stands as an interesting piece of Viking themed underground music.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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