[review] REAPER’S RIDDLE – Game Over EP (2014)

# REAPERS RIDDLE - game over EP [2014]

Game Over EP
(Firestarter – 2014)

Here’s a nice little taste cleanser to chew on between the death and black metal of the last days. REAPER’S RIDDLE is a rock/metal band coming all the way down from Perth (Australia) and this is the latest EP on their way to an album release expected to drop sometime next year. They’ve been together since 2009 and were to build a solid name for themselves during these last few years.

“Game Over” is a five track plus intro release with a good amount of groove thrown in the mix between the heavy sounding guitars and the catchy chorus on songs like ‘Labyrinth’. They sometimes bring back memories from the 2000’s and the swarms of the so called American rock/metal bands that were so widely spread around those times (think Godsmack, Spineshank and so on).

There’s a strong hard rock presence around here and the heavy sounding guitars do their best to keep everything together with a great deal of help from the vocals, offering the melody lines when needed and coming up front when times of greater emphasis are called to action. “Game Over” is a solid rock/metal release and REAPER’S RIDDLE knows how to write music that works really well for them. Maybe it can also work out fine for you.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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