[review] KAFIRUN – Death Worship EP (2014)

# KAFIRUN - death worship EP (2014)

Death Worship EP
(independent – 2014)

KAFIRUN is a Canadian black metal band coming from Vancouver and, apparently, they don’t sponsor much love for Islam. That’s fine. We all need our nemesis. They also make sure we understand there isn’t any sort of genre crossing or experimenting when it comes to their music. KAFIRUN plays black metal. In their own words “true black metal from start to finish”. And that’s that.

Three songs make up this debut, ‘Beyond the Flesh Vessel’, ‘Killer of All Man’ and ‘Thousand Spears’. Although they strongly underline the fact that there aren’t any operatic vocals or sung vocals at all, one can’t help to be reminded on how close these songs sound to way Attila Csihar delivers his own vocals in Mayhem, and we’re all aware that he isn’t a figure well known to deliver a straightforward black metal singing style. Come to think of it, some parts in these songs also land in that level of writing, without the same amount of greatness but close enough to spot the influence.

Metaphorically, KAFIRUN are on the bottom of the mountain. The band was formed not so long ago and this is their first release. They have strong opinions on religion but, to function and thrive as a band, they need to focus more on the music itself. When listening to these first three songs one can see that there’s darkness at the end of the tunnel and that’s a good thing when you talk about a black metal band.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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