[review] EREBUS ENTHRONED – Temple Under Hell (2014)

# EREBUS ENTHRONED - Temple Under Hell [2014]

Temple Under Hell
(Seance Records / World Terror Committee – 2014)

There is no mystery that black metal’s monopoly has long gone abandoned the frozen northern forest and nowadays we can find good solid bands in each and every continent. Sometimes we really have to dig deep and scavenge the ashes, while on other gloomy days they just surface on our radar, just like what happened with this Australian band.

If you ask me what really changes in EREBUS ENTHRONED’s music with the fact they come from the land down-under, my answer will have to be: little if anything! Minus the exceptions coming from bands that bring folk elements to the table or those with a more traditional/regional character in their songs, black metal will always have the same matrix and it just doesn’t matter where the musicians playing it come from. Even when it comes to the lyrics, where the artistic expansion could be explored with greater detail, there isn’t that much of a novelty factor here.

But if I started mentioning quality that’s because there must be some of it around, right? And yes, there is plenty of that in the title track, ‘The Temple Under Hell’, which made me go back and ear it again more than once! You can also find it in the way that ‘Crucible of Vitriol’ starts off and forces you to keep on listening and find out where its headed and also in the way that ‘Black Sword’ or ‘Void Wind’ dive into some kind of semi-conscious praise to the old Swedish melody templates without losing any of its raw darkened sense which they openly wrap their music with. This one’s a keeper.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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