[review] PERPETRATÖR – Thermonuclear Epiphany (2014)

PERPETRATÖR - Thermonuclear Epiphany [2014]

Thermonuclear Epiphany
(StormSpell Records – 2014)

Doesn’t it feel good when you have your ears filled with hype about this and that band and, when you finally have the chance to check them out, you realize things were not exaggerated and such band is actually great sounding fun? This is what happened to me and PERPETRATÖR, the thrash metal force to be reckoned with in the Portuguese scene, now that the album is out and the live show cherry has been popped! The debut full length was released by Stormspell Records, but I’m also giving due credit to the pro-tape release done by Nuno at Caverna Abismal Records!

The first song this band streamed some months ago had Teutonic Thrash written all over it, but the good thing was they were always very open about that kind of influence and weren’t claiming to be groundbreaking or the new flavor of underground progressiveness (I don’t even know if that is a real word)! So, the thing everyone was trying to figure out was if PERPETRATÖR were as good as everybody wanted them to be and if they had the key to the secret Germanic thrash machine or not. I’m guessing they filled all requirements above.

“Thermonuclear Epiphany” is an awesome debut! I’m well aware that we’re not talking about some new kids on the scene and these guys have their own share of experience either playing in bands or recording them, but it’s also obvious that their blood is boiling with the need to put some good thrash tunes out there and this album is the living proof! I’m also aware that people will talk about their sonic resemblance to such greats as Destruction, Sodom and Kreator. That’s perfectly fine. You know why? Because these songs really kick major ass! If you don’t believe me, go pleasure your ears with the killer riffs of ‘Nothing Left to Kill’, ‘Proud Pariahs’ or the insanely awesome ‘Death to All’! Fuck it, go and listen to the full thing!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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