[review] KHAOZ – I, Creator of Damnation (2014)

KHAOZ - I, Creator of Damnation [2014]

I, Creator of Damnation
(Mad Lion Records – 2014)

I could say that these guys are insane, but at the same time logic would force me to gather my senses and acknowledge that insanity has nothing to do with this level of metal sounding forces. Or does it? The name, KHAOZ, could induce us into some imaginary musical cacophony of sorts, but the thing it really teaches us is how different members from bands like Sinister, Pleurisy, The Embodiment, Houwitser and Dead Head, came together with one similar goal: crafting some face peeling death metal!

Having a track with such impact as ‘Ravishing Khaoz’ opening a record leaves little to no room for your imagination to gather the pieces of this experience and try to figure out what this Dutch band is all about. I mean, using two vocalists with such different performances is a great way to turn your music into something else. Perhaps if they went with the traditional solo vocal approach, things might have turned out a bit stale and more of the same.

I’m not saying that KHAOZ don’t have the music chops they need to become an interesting band, they actually sound pretty damn good and I would put them together with the same kind of stuff Kataklysm sometimes pull out of their hat! It’s not easy to pick one favorite or memorable track on “I, Creator of Damnation”, but you should definitely check out both ‘Ravishing Khaoz’ and the closing song ‘Blindfolded & Forsaken (Humanity Welcomes the Whore)’! These two have been playing a lot around here!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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