[review] BREWED & CANNED – Execute the Innocent (2014)

BREWED & CANNED - Execute the Innocent [2014]

Execute the Innocent
(Blacksmith Records – 2014)

Things took a little while to come through to this Austrian band, something like 16 years to finally arrive to the debut album, since the band first formed in 1998! I’m not going to speculate on what may have happened in this decade and a half but, apparently, they had to wait all these years for Blacksmith Records to come along and sign them, paving way for the full-length debut, “Execute the Innocent”!

You might be wondering if all the wait has spawn an album worth of mentioning in the almighty scrolls of extreme metal. Well, it isn’t going to take the crown in the prom, but it has its own moments of death metal glory and some very well played segments here and there. Composition wise they tend to keep themselves inside the lines but sometimes they get carried away and deliver great technical moments such as ‘Perverse Reflections’! However, the general formula doesn’t deviate much from the norm and things get a bit hard when it comes to pick out more memorable moments.

BREWED & CANNED sometimes reminds of Cannibal Corpse and the way much of their music is contained inside a pretty tight pattern and things don’t get that dynamic along the way. They do sound powerful and there a few of those singular details I mentioned before (‘A Violent Maelstrom’ also has great guitar work), but I think it somehow lacks in real deal-breakers, those moments that force you to listen to these songs over and over again.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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