[review] THE OBSCENE – Architects of Deliverance (2013)

THE OBSCENE - Architects of Deliverance [2013]

Architects of Deliverance
(Ukem Records – 2013)

This death metal four-piece evolved from a band called Salute to the Sun and has been around since 2010, when a new singer came along and they decided to go with this new moniker, THE OBSCENE. By then, they had released a couple of demos and an EP and later, when the time got right, with the new line-up, new name and new songs they produced “The Torment of Sinners” EP, in 2011. Things were set in motion to, “Architects of Deliverance”, the long waited full-length released as last year was coming to its end.

THE OBSCENE’s music is based on three of the major extreme food groups: death metal, black metal and grindcore. With a strong leaning into the oldschool way of doing things, they sometimes remind me of Deicide and, for you Portuguese readers out there, a lot like Theriomorphic. And although you really have to decide on the black metal bits upon listening, because they’re well embedded in the classic death metal sounding tracks, I can understand why they would refer to it as one of their influences. There’s more to be said about the grindcore thing, when you’ve got songs like ‘Of Feeble Minds and Weakness’, ‘Carrion Feast’ and ‘The Man The Martyr’, never making it to the two minute mark and having both musical and vocal tastings. Overall, I guess there’s a little for everyone in here.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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