[review] ENEMY INSECTS – if it ain’t fast, it ain’t shit EP (2013)

ENEMY INSECTS - if it ain't fast, it ain't shit EP [2013]

If it Ain’t Fast, it Ain’t Shit EP
(Dead Radio Music – 2013)

There’s something sweet in loud music that urges you to punch people in the face for no good reason but to relieve yourself from the daily stressful hours spent behind a desk… Even if I’m not that much of a physical kind of guy, whenever I have the chance to listen to bands like ENEMY INSECTS I almost forget how out of shape I am and start looking for the nearest moshpit around. It’s either that or order another beer and yell out ‘awesome’!

This band comes from Baltimore (USA) and has things figured out when it comes to play fast songs with a hardcore edge but also filled with some badass metal intensity. The six tracks we have here on “If it Ain’t Fast, it Ain’t Shit” are pretty reminiscent of some of the bands who were experimenting with the crossover scene a few years ago, and if you look at some of their mentioned influences you get the picture. You get the works from Black Sabbath to Minor Threat!

The EP came out last year, but if you’re into hard hitting crossover with fast drumming, thrash riffing and great bass work, all topped with a scream-for-your-life kind of singing, then you should try it on for size.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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