MACHINERGY spreading news from the machine


Well, looks like our friends from MACHINERGY have been very busy and have plenty of great news to everyone who’s into the band!

Let’s start with their inclusion in the first ever Curt’Arruda, a short film fest in their home town of Arruda dos Vinhos (Portugal), where they’ll be screening “Rhythm Between Sounds”, their self-produced documentary showing how they started back in the 80’s, the difficulties in getting new music, the radio shows, the tape-trading scene, the vinyl years and so on… This documentary is up for one of the prizes!

RHYTHM BETWEEN SOUNDS de Helder Rodrigues e Rui Vieira (2012)

Chasing after another landmark in the movie business, MACHINERGY will also be featured on the late great António Sérgio’s tribute documentary, to be released next November! For those of you not familiar with this important figure in the Portuguese music scene, he was our very own John Peel and one of the most central figures in promoting rock, punk and metal music back in the day! Truly one of the greats!

Last, but not least, MACHINERGY is also featured in the third volume of the 13 Portuguese Metal Compilation, where you can find their song ‘Sounds Evolution’ right alongside other underground bands such as Humanart, Holocausto Canibal, My Enchantment or Dawnrider, amongst others! You can free download the full compilation here:


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