SKYCONQUEROR released their new album “Under the Pentagram”

SKYCONQUEROR released their new album, “Under the Pentagram”

from the Gourmet inbox:

SKYCONQUEROR is a straightforward Heavy Metal band with an occult fable and NWOBHM’s touches, founded in the surroundings of Münster (North Western Germany) in early 1997! They soon started to record and release a few demos, but it took them a whole decade to get their debut full length out, “Hellstory”!

In the following years the band played several gigs, took part in the movie “Fate and Destruction”, found new inspiration and collected a lot of new material. Some of that experience came together in the new album, “Under the Pentagram”, eleven songs recorded from December 2012 until March 2014 in The Crypt Studio, in the dark and mysterious landscape of the wild Westfalian countryside”

Below you can stream ‘Demon’, taken from the new album:


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