[review] JESUS CRØST – 1986 [2014]

JESUS CRØST - 1986 [2014]

(Bones Brigade Records – 2014)

The 2014 World Cup came and went with the historic achievements we all know quite well by now, but there is always someone with his heart on the past tournaments and the heroes who made their names in the game back in the day. I’m talking about “1986”, the latest release from Rotterdam grindcore duo JESUS CRØST!

Apparently, this is their last stab in what can be described as an epic grindcore meets powerviolence career! The news came in February that the band will be no more and the final show was held last May, in Leeds (Uk)! I had the chance to see them at the SWR Barroselas, in 2011, and now I’m sitting here listening to this fifteen minute parade of who’s who in the soccer ethos of my youth… Oh, I forgot to tell you: every single song in this album is named after a legendary soccer player! And I’m happy to see they even managed to slip a ‘Paulo Futre’ in there!

From ‘Emilio Butragueño’ and ‘Carlos Valderrama’ to ‘Rinat Dasaev’ and ‘Enzo Francescoli’, the trademark stop-and-go assault that made JESUS CRØST a name to look for is ever present, and the alternating vocal style also makes its appearance at the farewell celebrations, ranging from the angry hardcore screams to the usual grind pig-squeals. And the occasional snort. Everything was put together so everyone could have a nice piece to remember them by. There’s even a little bit of Slayer in ‘Hidetoshi Nakata’! It’s a nice send off. Thanks for all the noise.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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