HELLCRAWLER / WÖLFE – The End of Humanity split 12” LP (2014)


HELLCRAWLER / WÖLFE – The End of Humanity split 12” LP
(The End of Humanity Records – 2014)

Two bands from very different backgrounds delivered in this split LP, with Slovenians HELLCRAWLER fueling some European death n’ roll metallic crust, as they call it, and WÖLFE coming straight from Australia and pounding four songs of grind injected powerviolence madness with vocals on the verge of being labeled as insane screaming!

HELLCRAWLER force their way with three songs, one of them being, ‘Green Machine’, a cover from the Kyuss stable, not the first band you would think a band such as this would cover, but they do a pretty good job turning that song into something dirtier and more suitable to the crust influenced death metal found on ‘Zombie Crawlers’ and ‘Overthrown Paradise’!

WÖLFE are just plain mad and the best way I can try to describe this aussie band is if you put Impaled Nazarene and some Japanese hardcore bands alone in one room and closed the door for about two weeks, adding a Tasmanian devil with a microphone, just to see what they come up with! They’re fast and relentless and, as I said before, the screaming vocals may lead you to believe that the insanity levels are way up there on the scale! Sometimes they sound purely grindcore, sometimes they showcase blackened guitar riffs, most of the times they’re pushing things to different places! HELLCRAWLER are closer to the type of crusted goodies I’m more into, but WÖLFE is definitely a band I want to get to know more.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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