[review] MASOCHIST – Condemned To Grovel EP (2014)

Masochist - Condemned To Grovel_cover

MASOCHIST – Condemned To Grovel EP
(UKem Records – 2014)

From the day it was formed to the release of their first EP it took only a matter of months for MASOCHIST to successfully show the metal scene what they were all about. But this was back in 2012 and now, after a change in the vocals position and a whole lot of playing live, this West Yorkshire band is back with a new EP to spread their rotten ways around.

When I say rotten ways, I’m talking about the lyrical theme in such songs as ‘Forced Fornication’ or ‘Vomit Every Dreg’ which you can take in as the proper poetry for a band versing on death metal with some grind influences! MASOCHIST themselves aren’t shy to point out their keenness on the virtues of American styled death metal and all the clocklike precision of that kind of riffing. The good thing is that they also include other different influences as well and that served them well as the music didn’t became sterile and borderline boring as some of those mentioned acts.

Beside the death metal foundations, “Condemned to Grovel” can also give everyone a glimpse on a more extreme approach with the grinding moments found in ‘A Peeling Flesh’ and ‘Foetid Existence’! The dual vocal delivery in these two songs adds up to the aggression index and even the tempo changes are up to the task of turning this EP into a good slamming piece of extreme metal. There were a couple of times when Cannibal Corpse came to mind, but those moments quickly went by as soon as the grind parts kicked in. You should check this one out.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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