[review] PREMATURE BIRTH – a ceremony of power (2014)

# PREMATURE BIRTH - a ceremony of power [2014]

PREMATURE BIRTH – a ceremony of power
(independent – 2014)

This is the second release for PREMATURE BIRTH, a five piece band coming from London, started somewhere in 2011! Previous to this EP they released a demo called “Genocide” that placed them in the black metal scene as an up and coming band! With “A Ceremony of Power” they wish to build on that reputation and deliver a four track effort, clocking in at roughly 32 minutes.

Black metal is the name of the game here, but not that grim to the bone and church burning cheering kind. You might get a little startled upon hearing the first words coming straight from Devil Goathell (guitar/vocals) mouth in ‘Revelation’ and I’m sure you will quickly adapt to his way of singing because there’s plenty of that raspy vocal placement in these tracks. One thing that is also plenty around is keyboards, offering PREMATURE BIRTH a more melodic sound and perhaps putting them under a symphonic black metal curse, because they fill so much of the layers.

I cannot help myself from thinking about Cradle of Filth in some places, like in the beginning of ‘Watching the World Crumble’, although I don’t think they are trying to emulate that particular band. They just happen to play in a certain way that feels very close to that kind of dark extreme metal. Maybe their choice to not overproduce this EP came as a win in the end, because that way they were still able to keep a sort of obscure feel to these songs.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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