[review] THE WITCH – Black Flower Field (2014)

(eng) # THE WITCH - Black Flower Field [2014]

THE WITCH – Black Flower Field
(independent – 2014)

This French band came quite as a surprise to me, once the songs from “Black Flower Field” started to get my attention. This is their second EP release and they should definitely build things up to a full-length in the near future. The banner that hangs above their heads, describing their music as progressive stoner, only gives you a small idea on what to find when listening to this EP. Sure, you can easily find similarities with other stoner metal influenced bands around, but that doesn’t takes away the credit from THE WITCH for writing great songs.

These guys don’t shy themselves from tackling a more aggressive take on their sound and if you take a song like ‘Hellride’, for example, you almost have them confused for a thrash band, with its heavy stomping riffs and the speeding drum work. But the genre dwelling doesn’t stops here. With a song called ‘The Wizard is Stoned’ you should be expecting some off track arrangements and even a small eastern melody mixed in with the heavier parts. We even have a couple of blast beats appearances in ‘From Here to Underground’! And people call this a stoner band!

I guess the more I listen to this EP the more I can see how close THE WITCH are from bands like High On Fire or Mastodon, mixing the main foundations of their music (the stoner influences) with the wider range of solutions and ways to increase the body of each song provided by their metal incursions. They do it in a well-balanced manner and support it with good guitar work as well as a solid rhythm section. Keep an eye on these guys.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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