[review] SKINLEPSY – condemning the empty souls (2013)

(pt) # SKINLEPSY – condemning the empty souls [2013]

SKINLEPSY – condemning the empty souls
(Shinigami Records – 2013)

At one given point, SKINLEPSY’s “Condemning the Empty Souls” press release states that ‘although this is a debut, nothing here sounds like it’s just their first record’ and they are absolutely right! You see, all three musicians in this Brazilian band have been making music in the underground for many years and since the mid-80’s their names have been associated with such bands as Siegrid Ingrid, Anthares or Nervochaos! Even SKINLEPSY’s history dates back to more than ten years ago, when they first formed, played live and released a demo called “Reign of Chaos” before the band split up and they focused on other projects.

Released last year, “Condemning the Empty Souls” it’s like a reunion album, if you will, after the band got back together in 2011 to continue the work they started all those years ago, with a more accurate focus on the music they wish to present and which they call brutal thrash metal! Why, do you ask? Well, as you can probably figure out, because it has most of thrash metal’s food groups and can still be a step up the ladder concerning its heaviness and aggression index. Some of you may call this thrash/death or modern thrash, but I think it really doesn’t make any difference, as long as you get the main idea. They sound heavy, they sound pissed and they want you to know about it!

From the opening fast hitting pace of ‘Crucial Words’ we can see that SKINLEPSY are not afraid of going head first into powerful thrash attacks even if they also slow things down here and there and force their several tempo changes on us. You can also be sure to find some death metal breakdowns and some fierce riffing exercises. They really don’t keep themselves inside a single skin and try to showcase different styles within these songs, but always maintaining a strong presence. ‘Perversions of Racial Hatred’ and ‘Pride and Rancour’ are more good examples of this crossed fire between thrash and death metal, but overall it’s a very good first album!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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