[review] CROWN OF ASTERIA – cycles (2014)

(eng) # CROWN OF ASTERIA - cycles [2014]

(independent – 2014)

Asteria is known figure in the Greek mythology and a name that can be associated with many different characters in that mythos. It also has a more straightforward meaning as ‘of the stars’ or ‘starry one’! CROWN OF ASTERIA is a solo project from Meghan Wood, active since 2011 and with a few releases credited to its name, “Cycles” being the latest! Meghan is responsible for every piece of music, every played instrument and every arrangement.

“Cycles” consists in two different songs or compositions, if you like, with ‘Cassiopeia: Queen Above the Skyline’ changing its pace and mood throughout the entire twenty five minutes it takes to reach an almost tribal and shamanic ending. The description tagged to this release speaks vaguely of atmospheric folk black metal and that’s ok to give you some kind of musical framing, but I guess Meghan is aiming for a more ethereal content and deeper philosophical relation between the music, the listener and the spiritual entities portrayed under the CROWN OF ASTERIA moniker.

The title track is another instrumental composition, served as an acoustic guitar multi-layer crescendo that fits quite comfortably with the entire ambience we’ve been presented in the previous piece. If you feel the need to listen to a vocal track you need to take your desire elsewhere, because CROWN OF ASTERIA stopped doing that with the demo “Through the Birch and Beyond the Lakes”. Here you’re only bound to find the kind of mysticism and atmospheric symbolism you should feel when immersed in Nature’s womb.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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