[review] ABOMNIUM – solace for the condemned (2014)

(pt+eng) # ABOMNIUM - solace for the condemned [2014]

ABOMNIUM – solace for the condemned
(Ukem Records – 2014)

This is a one-man-project coming straight from the mind of Sapient, the sole member and composer of this project born in the UK but now based in The Netherlands. He’s been writing and recording under the name ABOMNIUM since 2010 and this is his third album out, an eight song effort of death metal meets black and thrash for a good measure of darkened fun.

‘Condemned’ starts things off with that blend of musical ingredients although the black metal dominance is quite present. This seems to be the general layout as most of the songs sound very heavy and dense but the guitar melodies tend to push us away from the death metal and more into the cold mountains of pagan masters and forest creatures. Even if the lyrical content doesn’t exactly points you in that direction, but I can’t help myself when listening to songs like ‘Crown of Feathers’ and ‘Witchlight’!

‘The Paths of the Dead’ and ‘Purpose of the Flesh’ stand as good examples of the third ingredient in the mix, the thrash metal moments that also are an important part in ABOMNIUM’s influences. Two good tracks with a good set of memorable riffs! Those hooks that keep you coming back, you know what I mean. And even if “Solace for the Condemned” isn’t going to be nominated for best metal album of the year, there is plenty of great music in here and some of these songs deserve to be listened and played as loud and often as possible.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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