[video] CHASTAIN – I am sin

CHASTAIN just released their new video, ‘I Am Sin’, from the new album “Surrender to No One: Uncut”! The digital download version of UNCUT is on Leviathan Records Worldwide. Hellion Records has released UNCUT on CD format in Europe and South America.

This is a different version from the normal release and David T. Chastain has the word about the “Uncut” version:

As a producer and record company owner it is my job to put together a Cd with the best chance of commercial success. However as a musician/songwriter I want to hear the music as it was written and recorded. Therefore “Uncut” is the original version of the Cd before the Producer (DTC) got hold of it! Actually both versions have their good points. More guitar solos are on this version as well as two of the songs are drastically different. Plus I usually edit out things that 99% of the listeners would never notice such as guitar string noise, amp hum, and other things that drive me crazy. We will leave it to the fans to tell us which they like best!


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