[review] UNCHAINED BEAST – guiding the lamb (2013)

(pt+eng) # UNCHAINED BEAST - guiding the lamb [2013]

UNCHAINED BEAST – guiding the lamb
(independent – 2013)

UNCHAINED BEAST is a band coming from Norway and contrary to popular belief, no they are not a black metal band! They used to roam the stages as a Metallica covers band but once that project went sour they started this band and followed the path of their influences, writing thrash metal coherent with the Bay Area kings style and those of its peers such as Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

“Guiding the Lamb” is their first release and it’s not that bad at all for a debut! You can really see how the guys who wrote “… And Justice For All” influenced these songs and if you would place them in a time and place it should be right there in the late 80’s. These songs are intricate and try to keep their distance from the usual verse-chorus-verse formula but sometimes they also fall victim from the same lack of editing skills that we find in their idols and so we are left with songs that go on for some solid nine minutes! True epics for a thrash metal band!

When it comes to master their instruments this band is no fool and they can defend themselves quite well as a collective as well as individually with well played and though-out solos. Although they have a very close approach to their influences they still manage to create interesting riffs with enough punch to make it on their own. Just listen to ‘Gates of Dumblr’ or ‘The Infektion of Mankind’ to see what I mean.

I think we all should acknowledge this EP as a way to present UNCHAINED BEAST to the metal scene and, with this in mind, I hope they can craft the way they sound and find their own place without relying so much on the bands they worship.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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