[review] TOLUCA – memoria (2014)

(pt+eng) # TOLUCA - memoria [2014]

TOLUCA – memoria
(independent – 2014)

As soon as the first song begins to wave in and we are given the chance to dive into TOLUCA’s universe, a strange and disturbing feeling also starts to settle in coming from this cross between the black metal darkness and the depressive bursts provided by the post-hardcore-screamo-whatever riffage and melodies. This is the way this Moscow quartet shows itself in “Memoria”, their debut full length after a 2012 EP called “Act I” released precisely the year they were formed.

“Memoria” offers seven songs of this two sided music relationship that spreads and evolves with each minute and each passage. On one hand we have fury and aggressiveness and on the other we have quiet and contemplative moments, acoustic elements and a high dose of melody in between. Every track is sung in Russian, so I don’t really can say much about the lyrical content, but judging by Dima’s delivery (vocals) and all the musical frames around this record, I guess it’s safe to say they’re not writing about flowers, prairie fields and sunshine days spent with their friends.

This record keeps its tone from start to finish and there aren’t great variations beyond those I’ve already mentioned above and a dark persistent mantle involving each one of those moments. Even in the moments with greater presence and strength that depressive figurine never really goes out of the picture completely. Strong and melodic music but sad nevertheless.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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