[review] CREINIUM – Project Utopia EP (2014)

(pt+eng) # CREINIUM - Project Utopia EP [2014]

CREINIUM – Project Utopia EP [2014]
(Inverse Records – 2014)

Formed in Helsinki just a couple of years ago, this young Finnish band presents us their second release here, after the demo “Modern World Tyranny” (2013) managed to capture Inverse Records attention, and just like what happened with the demo, this EP was entirely recorded and produced by the band itself.

“Project Utopia” shows a technically matured band set in conquering their place in the melodic death metal scene. The technical label they decided to add to the description as to do with the song structures they often use, which are closer to some of the progressive metal patterns rather than death metal composing styles. Several melodic layers brought upfront with the use of keyboards helps them fit that mold, as well as some less usual time signatures.

But this band prides itself on having several other influences and their love for black metal is also often referred which, considering the present arrangements, helps explain the reason why the name Dimmu Borgir comes to mind from time to time. In CREINIUM’s defense I must say it seems they wish to play with the different tones and options in each genre. The title track kind of explains this idea with the use of different types of vocals within the same arrangement.

A very good DIY production helps us getting a peek at almost every musical detail around these five songs and, to me, the only downside with “Project Utopia” is the fact that we have a very difficult time finding a song that can stick with us in the end and force us to return to this EP again. I believe that in the future we can have those kind of expectations fulfilled because we are talking about a very young band and they show a good amount of quality to take their evolution to a higher and better place.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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