[review] SERPENTINE PATH – emanations (2014)

(eng) # SERPENTINE PATH - Emanations [2014]

(Relapse Records – 2014)

As I was getting myself ready to dive into “Emanations” I wondered if it was wrong to admit this was the first time grasping my ears around SERPENTINE PATH’s music. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen the name before and I’ve listened to Unearthly Trance and Electric Wizard and all that, but to really immerse myself into their music, that was something I haven’t done before. So there I was, about to push play and hoping they could be gentle for my first time. Well, I really wasn’t that surprised to discover that gentle they were not. They were harsh, dirty and heavy. Like they should be!

Enter ‘Essence of Heresy’, the first track, and just a few seconds in I found myself asking when did this song started because it felt like I just arrived in the middle of something. Like I was interrupting an important address to the gods which made perfect sense once ‘House of Worship’ started to pave its way into the speakers. The riffs are massive and there seems to be an eerie presence throughout these songs as they slowly take each other’s place in this haunted environment. If you were intrigued by the awesome artwork let me tell you that is some accurate depicting of the audio experience you will find inside!

I guess some people will always look at this band as a star filled super-group and will compare each and every riff with one of their former or present bands, but no one can deny the evident forces that urge SERPENTINE PATH onward, a group of very talented musicians crafting their vision and writing some impressive heavy songs! And whether or not you are an avid doom fan there’s no possible escape from that oppressing feeling captured in songs like ‘Treacherous Waters’ or ‘Disfigured Colossus’ up until the closing title, ‘Torment’, buries you deep in its darkness!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]


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