[video] BITTERNESS EXHUMED – ripe trauma

We really don’t need much of a set up to show you this video from Germany’s BITTERNESS EXHUMED other than to tell you it comes from their new 12″ EP “Desperate and Miserable” due for release on a quartet of labels: Ecocentric Records, Demons Run Amok Entertainment, WOOAAARGH and Dark Omen!

Check it out and engage the trauma:

AMžIUS – when all the lights will wane and all the eyes gaze blinded (2014)

# AMZIUS - When all the lights will wane And all the eyes gaze blinded [2014]

AMžIUS – When all the lights will wane And all the eyes gaze blinded
(independent – 2014)

I know I’m never going to be tired of mentioning how much I think it is necessary to find and explore new and different ways to present the artistic work of everyone who embraces its subjectivity. Art, I mean. All those who don’t have any interest in repeating the same formulas and wish to achieve something more than the ordinary climax Music can provide them, no matter where they come from or where they’re going.

Regarding the representation of their Art I know AMZIUS are heading to a different place. Some may say it’s just music, but for these Lithuanians music has to serve a higher purpose than just time filler for those who seek it. Maybe that’s the main reason why this Kaunas band decided to present their second album as a conceptual work, one that they call an audio-visual album. I explain: this artistic piece is supposed to be served in DVD or Blu-ray format, because the musical part is a fundamental piece of the puzzle of the visual aspect of it all. There is a visual interpretation of all the five moments (three original songs, one intro and one outro) recorded in this work.

We are talking about black metal that doesn’t break many creative barriers but can keep its quality within a genre with very dark colors. Personally, I really like the last song, ‘Pilkos Peklu Lepsnos’, due to its melodies and a kind of mid-tempo speed with lots of double drumming. When it comes to mention the image half of “When All the Lights Will Wane and All the Eyes Gaze Blinded” I guess only the band itself can best describe the full hidden concept behind those shadowy patterns and the way the actors involved are keeping the narrative.

This is a different way to present a project that can even go unnoticed if we only focus on the musical part of it. I’m curious about its global meaning but I have no doubt that this is an interesting piece of work, coming from an independent band with little recognition even within the underground.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[video] SOULS FOR SALE – fromselflootingtoanassaultdrivenapproachofbreakingfree

From the inbox:

“The German hardcore/thrash formation SOULS FOR SALE have posted a music video for the track ‘Fromselflootingtoanassaultdrivenapproachofbreakingfree’ from their debut album “Scavengers”. The song itself can be regarded as one of the most aggressive and fiercest on the entire album. The video was filmed at AJZ Bielefeld by Marek Lück and Hannes M. Meier, who some might know from their works for German hardcore band Together. To celebrate the video release the entire “Scavengers” album is now available as free/name your price download from Bandcamp (here)”

[review] AD EXTIRPENDA – cathartic (2014)

# AD EXTIRPENDA - Cathartic [2014]

(independent – 2014)

Born in the city of Nantes in 2008, this french band has its first full length release with “Cathartic”, after releasing an EP in 2012 with the same title, that was mainly used to present the album. Not only they gave it the same title but all the tracks that were featured in the EP came to be also released in the album.

There seems to be a conscious effort to place the french in the same field as other symphonic black metal bands around the scene, but I can’t tag along with that ride even if almost every mention made in their online pages wants to tell me about how well they fit in that particular genre. I admit there are some elements here and there, but they are too few and scarce and the fact they often use keyboards to enhance the potential of their musical landscapes doesn’t magically turns them into a symphonic band. At least not in my eyes. On the other hand, you can easily find the black metal influence, as much as you can find it in bands such as Moonspell, for example. This portuguese band seems to be a huge influence in the creative aspect of AD EXTIRPENDA.

“Cathartic” is a conceptual record focusing on the events that took place in Languedoc during the 13th century which were instrumental in the creation of the Holy Inquisition and responsible for one of the first Crusades, according to the scholars! The band goes through several episodes with songs that also bring some folk and medieval influences to the table. It’s an independent record and it shows in some of the segments as well as in the way the guitars sound sometimes. The song ‘The Inquisitor’ seems to have some of the King Diamond spirit embodied in it and a few of its melodies stay with us for a good while. As for the rest of the album, it comes and goes but doesn’t leave as much of an impact as we would wish.

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[video] THE TREATMENT – running with the dogs

009  THE TREATMENT – running with the dogs

UK rockers THE TREATMENT released their second album ‘Running With The Dogs’ through Spinefarm Records earlier this year! Check out the new video for the title track:

FRAIL GROUNDS Summer Trauma 2014

008 FRAIL GROUNDS Summer Trauma 2014

FRAIL GROUNDS, the heavy progressive metallers from Norway are leaving the northern hemispheres and will be heading to Germany and Belgium for a weekend tour this summer promoting the release of their debut album “The Fields of Trauma”! Check the dates below:

008 FRAIL GROUNDS Summer Trauma 2014 2

[video] FLAYED DISCIPLE – the gates of bedlam

006  FLAYED DISCIPLE – the gates of bedlam

‘The Gates Of Bedlam’ is a song taken from FLAYED DISCIPLE self-titled three track EP due for release early June, via Bethlam Records as a 12” colored vinyl. The EP contains three new tracks: ‘Sick Abomination’, ‘The Maniac’ and ‘The Gates of Bedlam’ with over 20 minutes of music:

006  FLAYED DISCIPLE – the gates of bedlam 2