FINNTROLL: new release will be a live album

finntroll 2

From our inbox:

“Since its inception in 1997, Helsinki’s Finntroll has been one of the strangest and most original entities on the international folk/heathen metal scene. Drawing their subject matter from the Olden Days when the Southern plague called Christianity hadn’t yet swept over every forest, nook and cranny of Scandinavia’s troll-laden woodlands and telling tales about eradicating mankind (starting with the men of cloth), Finntroll’s “Trollish Hoedown Metal”, a sort of – for lack of a better expression – death metal polka, has been a genre unto itself. Inimitable.”

“A tireless touring act, the unquenchably thirsty trolls have wreaked damage on stages big and small in all the corners of the Earth. Yet until now there has never been an official Finntroll live recording available anywhere. Finally, Friday the 13th of June 2014 will witness the uncaging of the live album “Natten Med De Levande Finntroll” (Night with the living Finntroll), the exhibit of what a cadre of alcohol-fueled trolls can do when leashed upon a live audience.”


DESECRATION: new album details plus title track

UK death metal veterans DESECRATION have revealed details for their forthcoming new album. The new album, entitled “Cemetery Sickness”, will be released on 26th June 2014 via Metal Age Productions.

Have a go at the title track and read what Ollie Jones (vocals/guitar) had to say about the new record:

There is no particular theme to this album but several of the songs are set in the graveyard. We’ve tried to hit the gore and perversion extremities that we’ve touched on from the start of the bands career but now we are playing better than ever.

[video] SEPREVATION – slave to the grave

UK death thrashers SEPREVATION released a music video for ‘Slave To The Grave’, taken from their debut album “Consumed”!

Here’s what Joss Farrington (guitar) had to say about the new video:

The concept was to play on the themes of ‘Slave to the Grave’ and actually give the viewer the visual image of us decaying and covered in gore.

Watch ‘Slave To The Grave’ next:

[video] TOMBS – edge of darkness

TOMBS‘ are set to release their new album “Savage Gold” on June 10th (North America), June 9th (UK/Europe/World), and June 6th (Germany/Benelux/Finland)!

The first song from “Savage Gold” was recently released and you can stream ‘Edge Of Darkness’ in the player below:

KROKODIL: listen to a new song


KROKODIL is a recent band featuring members & previous members of Cry For Silence, Hexes, Gallows & SikTh, they recently sign for Spinefarm Records! The band is currently in the studio, finishing their debut album, which will be released via the Spinefarm label later this year.

“Shatter / Dead Man’s Path” it’s their first release, a double A-side 7” produced specifically for Record Store Day and now you can hear the song ‘Shatter’:


We are almost crying our eyes dry with such an awesome line-up for this year’s edition of OBSCENE EXTREME! We cry because we are too damn broke to go to Czech Republic, but we hope all you lucky bastards who are attending to have a blast with these incredible bands:


Keep your eye out for WE ARE THE DAMNED, one of the portuguese panzers on all things death, crust and grind, who will also be taking the stage this year:



VINTERBRIS have joined forces with label NORDAVIND RECORDS, who has set June 16th as the international release date for the band’s sophomore album, Solace!

Formed in 2008 in Bergen (Norway), the music from VINTERBRIS is highly inspired by groups such as Primordial and Moonsorrow. After having released an EP and a self-titled full-length, the band is now back with “Solace”, a desolate and melancholic record with the backbone of true Norwegian black metal. With a lyrical concept centered around one man’s struggle with self-acceptance, existence and place in nature, the soundscapes of “Solace” are complete.

Listen to the first sample from “Solace”: