[review] AMPUTATED – dissect molest ingest (2014)


AMPUTATED – dissect molest ingest
(Sevared Records – 2014)

Have you ever met the wrong end of an avalanche? A moving mass of force and destruction going full speed at your direction, crushing and destroying everything in its path? Offering the same kind of comfort that an anvil flung at your face or a frontal collision with a moving train? Well, fortunately, I don’t know any of these feelings firsthand, but I imagine they are not so different from the sensations caused by some passages of “Dissect, Molest, Ingest!” A massive amount of weight, with guaranteed impact!

After a live album, AMPUTATED return with another dose of brutality, their third full length record in a career that now spans over 12 years and apparently continues to move forward with all the vigor! Get ready for ten tracks (11 if you count the intro ‘Body of Work’) dealing such issues as carnage, necrophilia, cannibalism, semen and abortion! I think this list covers more or less the discussed theme! Played at colliding speed, but focused on the enthusiastic groove, blasts and growl voices, any follower of this British band, or this gender they adopted, certainly will not be disappointed with this delivery! The fact that the band presents us a new formation here does not reflected in the final result, with everyone giving much evidence of their individual talent!

I do not intend to bore you with great masses of text, individualizing track by track, I just want to refer ‘Psychotropic Suicide’ and the title track ‘Molest Ingest Dissect’, that were holding me by the gonads at every turn, thanks to all of its savage delivery! ‘Toolbox abortionist’ is another good example of good violent entertainment, with high quality standards! Strong stuff!

[reviewed by: Rui Marujo]

[review] CATEGORY VI – fireborn (2013)


CATEGORY VI – fireborn
(independente – 2013)

Formed in 2010, the CATEGORY VI are a Canadian band, more specifically from St. John’s (Newfoundland), and “Fireborn” is their debut album, completed and released to the clutches of metalheads late last year, a recording work conducted over many months and through their own available means, another great example of effort and dedication to the music one believes in!

Even before we start rolling any song, the band gets our mind ready for what’s installed for us, mentioning several times the presence of a band set to create melodic metal with various influences, from the traditional heavy metal and thrash metal, but with no allegiance to any of them, allowing them to juggle the best they can with these genres! All this is true and tested and the fact that the voice was given to a female figure, Amanda Marie, may help to further underscore CATEGORY VI’s objective, melody!

For just over fifty minutes we are given the chance to hear the 8 songs that comprise this disc and we find what we were promised, from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal moments, to some thrashy details, to power metal rides, emphasis here on ‘Descent Of The King ‘, which quickly became a favorite of ours, but we also encounter some problems, like the fact that the songs sometimes become too long, without the music dynamics obliging it so! This opens the door to a few mind wanders, and when we realize it we have to remind ourselves of what were we listening!

There are a few situations to be improved, some that will surely find their solution with time and experience and others that may require a more careful set of editing skills with the time to compose arrives! But this record does deserve the attention of those who appreciate a good batch of melodic lines.

[reviewd by: Rui Marujo]