HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has some serious guests on next album

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL announced the names of two of guests to feature on their next album, “Gorefilia“! So, first off, get ready to ear the voice of Miguel Newton, the main-man from portuguese punk-rock veterans Mata-Ratos: The other announced guest is Nocturnus Horrendus, the corpse-painted voice from black-metallers Corpus Christii and Morte Incandescente:

NAMEK drops the towell

Portuguese grinders NAMEK recently announced that they will be calling it quits, after 13 years building a name for themselves! They will have a final split EP release with Tinnitus! Here’s what they had to say about this decision: “We decided that the time has come to put Namek to rest. It’s been 13 years…